Better ROAS at scale.

How Lumen used Bambassadors’ UGC video production services to boost ROAS while scaling up their ad campaigns.

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Better ROAS at scale.

Enter Bambassadors.

Lumen and Bambassadors worked together to boost Lumen's ad performance
by using authentic UGC creative.

Lumen 28% Better ROAS

Our Approach

Creator Persona Matching
Lumen completed our signature onboarding to align on their target audience and buying persona, setting the stage for audience expansion.

Creative Briefing
Creators received detailed guidance from Bambassadors on how to create engaging video and convey key marketing messages.

Hooks and Authenticity
A great, scroll-stopping hook is key to engaging viewers in the first few seconds of a video. Authenticity keeps them engaged through to the end.

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Lumen Case Study

The Result: 28% increase in ROAS while scaling

While decreasing CAC by 20%, and increasing ROAS by 28%, Lumen scaled their ad spend by 31%.

BAU (Business as Usual) vs Bambassadors Produced UGC Creatives
Stats Period: Jan 1, 2022 - May 17, 2022

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The results are fantastic, we've seen our CPA and ROAS improve. The content is a great fit for our brand, quick turnaround, professional team and took a lot of work off our plate.

Daniel Rosenfeld, VP of Marketing
Lumen Case Study

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