UGC videos for new cologne delivered amazing 82% Add-to-Cart-to-Purchase ratio!

Particle launched a new cologne, Gravité, and partnered with Bambassadors to communicate the excitement with a series of UGC videos that drove significant conversions.

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UGC videos for new cologne delivered amazing 82% Add-to-Cart-to-Purchase ratio!

Enter Bambassadors.

Particle relied on Bambassadors' production capabilities to bring unique,
hilarious angles to the UGC challenge of communicating a cologne.

Our Approach

Creator Persona Matching
Among various tested concepts, we chose to work with a creator who specializes in comedy and performance.

Creative Briefing
After lengthy ideation, we settled on a creative angle that revolved around a "smell test" and the product offering an "irresistible" scent.

Authenticity was vital for the campaign, as we didn't want it to resemble a typical advertisement. Instead, we opted for a "behind-the-scenes" feel to make it more genuine and create that special connection with the viewer, driving them to action.

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The Result: explosion in sales from fresh ad approach

Particle saw conversion numbers they'd never experienced, 26% lower CPA and 37% better CVR than the average of their cologne ads, with over 80% of people adding-to-cart who moved on to finalize the purchase!

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Bambassadors saved me time and found elusive male and older content creators. Their videos are high-quality and effective in driving results, thanks to their deep understanding of DR marketing. They went above and beyond to make my brand look great and provide value for the money. Highly recommend them.

Ayal Ebert, Co-Founder

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