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Bambassadors is an official TikTok Creative Marketing Partner

Collaborate with the best creators to make high-performing direct-response ads.

The creative partnership with TikTok will bring real-person ads and audience expansion to results-focused brands that need it done yesterday. By making the production process great for creators, Bambassadors delivers authentic short-form video that engages audiences at scale.

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Hassle-free, fast, creative, consistent

☑️ Delivery in 20 days

☑️ Industry and audience-specific creators

☑️ Work with dozens of creators for scaleable campaigns

☑️ Full usage rights

☑️ Iterate on top creatives

Get Creative Assets That Sell

Real brands get real results

redecor -90%CPI on screen

Redecor Case Study:

90% decrease in CPI while scaling

Achieving high ROAS for a casual gaming title across multiple markets with crafted creative and performance methodology.

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Man smiling with -67% CPI on screen

Loora Case Study:

90% decrease in CPI while scaling

Leveraging TikTok creator's content using Spark-ad campaign.

Read Case Study
woman showing phone, -51%CPI on screen

Brass Case Study:

51% decrease in CPI and 120K App Installs

Strong hooks and call-to-actions to keep the viewers’ attention while using relatable creators who mirrored the brand’s target audience.

Read Case Study

“We love working with talented creators and helping brands crack TikTok!”

Ali Little
Creative Director @ Bambassadors
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How we helped Redecor decrease CPI by 90% - TikTok Official Case Study