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After launching several successful e-commerce brands together, Dan and Oded set out to enable other brands to build great businesses. At Bambassadors, we’re enabling brands to connect with their current and future customers through fresh, authentic video content.

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Go-To Topics

The TikTok Suite

The TikTok Creator Marketplace, TikTok Top Ads, TikTok Ads Library and how to deploy a full on TikTok Ads strategy profitably.

Authentic UGC

How to make authentic video content that sell, not just paid influencers and commercials, and why it is important for any business.

Ads and UGC

What to expect when producing UGC ads and the symbiosis between UGC and advertising across TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

UGC for B2B

Breaking the misconception that UGC is reserved for D2C brands only, how to do that, and what to expect.

Building a Brand

and not just a business. How to create a winning brand identity and find that product market fit.


The right way. Where to source the best remote workforce, how to pick the best people, and how to guide them to excel, all from remote.

Strategize a Successful Exit

How to plan and execute a successful Ecommerce business exit to get the best outcome possible.

Creative Testing Methods

Hook variations and video constructs and when to use each one, as well as the importance of video editing.

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